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Eat to Win: The Sports Nutrition Bible

Superstar athletes, including Martina Navratilova, Ivan Lendl and George Foreman, credit sports nutritionist Robert Haas with helping them get to the top and stay there. Haas wrote Eat to Win to help active people achieve peak performance and endurance.

Eat to Succeed

Peak performance eating for people who want to achieve optimal health under a variety of challenging circumstances. The book describes how to combat the health risks of frequent flying, being hospitalized and other circumstances in life that can present health risks and challenges to ordinary people.

Forever Fit (with Cher)

Cher's diet and fitness plan as devised by her personal nutritionist, Robert Haas. The popular entertainer and the author of Eat to Win present a guide to fitness that includes a weight-loss plan, a weight-maintenance plan, Cher-tested recipes, Cher's exercise plan and more.

Eat Smart, Think Smart

How to Use Nutrients and Supplements to Achieve Maximum Mental and Physical Performance
The author of Eat to Win shows readers how to use smart nutrients to improve memory and learning ability, increase energy, foster creativity, combat aging and senility, beat depression, and enhance sexual performance.

Permanent Remissions

Life-Extending Diet Stategies That Can Help Prevent and Reverse Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabets, and Osteoporosis
What's the secret to life-extending nutrition? Phytonutrients. These potent disease-fighting compounds, found in vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other foods, play a key role in combating our country's biggest killers. You'll learn how to use familiar foods such as tomato sauce, garlic, oatmeal, and grapefruit to stay well, and how to incorporate the latest "designer" food products into your eating plan. Permanent Remissions shows you how phytonutrients can:

Arrest the development of cancer cells Block testosterone and estrogen from promoting cancer cell growth Prevent tumors from spreading by choking off their blood supply Detoxify environmental carcinogens Reverse coronary artery disease Reduce or eliminate the need for insulin injections for type 11 (adult-onset) diabetes Boost the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments and reduce their toxic side effects Replace lost bone minerals in people suffering from osteoporosis

One of the most amazing aspects of this breakthrough program is that it's not only designed to reduce significantly the probability of ever contracting serious illness, but also to help stop its progress—and, in some cases, eradicate the disease completely. No other book offers the extensive research and medically documented proof of the incredible capacity of phytofoods to defeat cancer and other serious health problems. And, although phytonutrients have prevented and reversed cancer and other diseases in laboratory animals, their remarkable potential to help people achieve long-term remissions from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis has not been widely disseminated. Until now.

Robert Haas, M.S., the nutritionist who revolutionized the science of sports nutrition with his No. 1 bestseller, Eat to Win, is renowned for helping athletes and entertainers like Martina Navratilova, Don Johnson, Carly Simon, Glenn Frey, Mike Nichols, and Cher look and feel their best. Now he goes a giant step further with Permanent Remissions. Haas knows what he's talking about: with his cutting-edge nutritional plan he has already helped hundreds of people maintain excellent health or achieve that state of grace known as permanent remission.

In Permanent Remissions you'll find the up-to-the-minute studies and learn exactly what to eat to unlock the healing power in phytofoods. You'll get specific food plans and recipes to help you stock your pantry and refrigerator with disease-beating fare. With real-life case studies, complete dietary guidelines for combating specific problems, resource lists, and a cookbook section filled with delicious lifesaving recipes, Permanent Remissions is your consummate guide to the most important victory of all: beating the odds.

Eat to For Permanent Fat Loss

Robert Haas fueled a diet revolution with his number one bestseller Eat to Win. Now, with Eat to Win for Permanent Fat Loss, he shows you not only how to lose weight and dramatically improve your performance in all areas of life, but also how to keep the fat off -- forever.

Based on cutting-edge research on how and why our bodies use carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, Haas created a "MediterrAsian" diet that combines the best and healthiest aspects of diets from the regions where people live the longest. His approach features a ratio of 50 percent carbohydrates, which includes grains, fruits, and vegetables; 25 percent protein; and 25 percent fat. Haas also provides the specific reasons why this is the ultimate ratio for maximum energy, fitness, and permanent fat loss.

Eat to Win for Permanent Fat Loss offers a remarkably flexible, healthy food plan that encourages both the use of the new "functional" foods, such as tofu hot dogs and soy-chicken nuggets, and treats that most diet plans forbid entirely, such as chocolate, wine, and coffee. In fact, Haas tells you why enjoying chocolate and coffee every day could actually make you healthier, providing both satisfaction and valuable phytonutrients that prevent illness. It's the kind of eating plan that works for the entire family.

As for exercise, Haas's recommendation is just as simple: Burn a minimum of 300 calories -- the equivalent of 45 minutes of walking -- throughout the day, through any activity you choose. Haas's combined diet and exercise program changes lives.

Eat to Win for the 21st Century


World-renowned sports nutritionist Robert Haas's revolutionary #1 bestseller Eat to Win, called "a winning formula" by People, brought high energy and peak performance within everyone's reach.

Now, Haas's Eat to Win for the 21st Century incorporates cutting-edge advances in sports nutrition that have given top athletes an unbeatable edge, and helps readers play, work, and sleep better-and even improve sexual performance.

- Eat for peak fitness
- "De-age" the body in just four weeks
- Boost energy level 300% or more
- Lose excess body fat quickly and safely
- Speed healing of sports injuries
- Includes a special diet for vegetarians