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World-Renowned Nutritionist, Multiple #1-NY Times Bestselling Author, #1-Ghostwriter, Voice Over Talent, Recording Artist, Record Producer, and Mixing Engineer

Robert Haas is a leading international sports nutritionist and multiple #1-New York Times bestselling author and #1-bestselling ghostwriter. 


His research, work and writings helped launch a worldwide sports nutrition revolution during the early 1980s that permanently changed the way professional athletes eat, train and supplement. Haas also pioneered the use of sports nutrition supplements among elite athletes to boost endurance, performance, improve reaction times and recovery. 


Haas's disciples include such sports legends and celebrities as Ivan Lendl, Martina Navratilova, Emerson Fitipaldi, Jack Nicklaus, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, George Foreman, Joe Montana, Ron Cey and such celebrities as Cher, Carly Simon, Don Johnson, Glenn Frey, Mike Nichols, Woody Harrelson and Marlo Thomas. Haas has appeared as a diet and health expert on over 100 TV shows, including Oprah, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN.


Other professional activities: Robert Haas is a former Mercury/ PolyGram and Atlantic Records recording artist, producer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, and mixing engineer. He has written, produced, and performed two Billboard-charting songs, composed music for motion picture and has won numerous songwriting competitions, including: 


Grand Prize in the AOL-sponsored Write a Song For Cher Contest
Grand Prize winner in the Durango Country Songwriting Contest
First place in The Billboard International Songwriting Competition
Finalist, John Lennon Songwriting Competition
Finalist, Nashville Songwriters Association 
Finalist, International Songwriting Contest
Finalist, USA Songwriting Contest
Finalist, International Songwriting Contest 
Finalist, Max Martin Songwriting Contest.