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Eat to Win: The Sports Nutrition Bible

Amazon.com reviewer: "Best eating plan around": 5 stars

Review by R. Hixson

"I bought this book back in the mid eighties - it worked for me then and it is still the healthiest eating plan I have found. I finally decided it was time to go back to the basics since the book's eating plan had really worked for me (my cholesterol went from 200 to 137). If you will follow the idea of the eating plan set forth in the original book, you will have tons of energy, you will lose more fat than muscle, and you will not feel deprived. There are so many foods you are allowed to eat and no other plan will let you have these foods in this quantity. You do have to limit you protein (meat and chicken) intake and of course your fat intake but I never miss it. If you want a solid plan you can stick with, this is the version of Eat To Win I would recommend. Great book."