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Let Me Ghostwrite Your Next Bestseller

#1-Bestselling Ghostwriter

As a #1-bestselling author and ghostwriter, I can help you realize your career goals as an author.

Your book’s promise will determine the probability of enjoying a successful book sale. Great book concepts are the coin of the realm in the New York publishing world.

You may be surprised to learn that you can turn the right book promise into a potential bestseller if you work with the right mentor, which could be your cowriter, literary agent or editor. I’ve been a successful author for thirty years and I can count on one hand the professionals I’ve worked with who understand how to help an author develop and refine a potential bestselling promise.

My first literary agent, Connie Clausen, represented two women who pitched her a book idea with the promise that it would teach women a number of effective dating strategies.

Connie told me that the coauthors were not seasoned writers and had no idea how to write and organize their book and distill its message into a compelling promise. Connie recognized that the fundamental concept was a commercially viable, so she sat at her desk one long weekend and organized the book while molding its promise into a cohesive, entertaining and easily digested message. The Rules became a NY Times bestseller.

Connie was a natural writer with a gift for packaging books. Her own book, I Love You Honey But The Season’s Over, is especially well-written; it details her life in the world-famous Ringling Bros. Circus.

If you’ve seen the motion picture, Water For Elephants, then you saw Connie’s life depicted as the famous “Elephant Girl” in the Ringling Bros. Circus. Connie also enjoyed success as an on-air talent for TV adverts. Here she is touting Coke® (Coca Cola) as a weight-loss aid! Hollywood made a movie about Connie’s life, An Englishman In New York. Connie understood what it takes to be successful and I was indeed fortunate that she mentored me early in my career.

Over the years, Connie and I enjoyed tremendous success as a winning team–all thanks to her early efforts to help me understand the essence of a successful book concept: the all-important promise that it makes to the reader.

Let me help you identify and refine your best ideas into a compelling book promise with bestselling potential. Then, with your input, let me ghostwrite it for you.